After Effects on the Spot - Time-Saving Tips Shortcuts from the Pros

Richard Harrington
Rachel Max
Marcus Geduld


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This book is dedicated to my wife, Meghan, and our first child.

“Richard Harrington

I'd like to dedicate this book to my family. Cheers for your support.

“Rachel Max

This book is dedicated to my lovely wife, Lisa, who makes me feel blessed every day.

“Marcus Geduld


My wife, Meghan, for her patience, love, and commitment. As we welcome our first child into the world, I am grateful you are by my side.

My family for their support and guidance. All that I have, I owe to you. Thanks for all of the good advice and teaching throughout the years .

My coauthors , Marcus and Rachel. Thanks for saying "yes" to this idea. Your insight and knowledge have made this a much better book.

“Richard Harrington

Thanks to the strong and supportive AE community, especially Trish and Chris Meyer. Thanks Rich and Marcus for having me be part of this book. And thanks to my friends and family.

“Rachel Max

My best friend and wife, Lisa, who suffers through all my geeky pursuits with grace, humor and intelligence.

My parents, who gave me these After-Effects-loving genes, and who raised me in a house so full of wonders that my mind was continually open . To my brother Daniel, for "sound" advice and long, patient, very helpful emails.

To Rich and Rachel, for sharing my obsession .

“Marcus Geduld

The authors would like to thank the following for making this book possible:

George Annab


Mac Design Magazine

Frank Brogan

Dan Ebberts

Trish & Chris Meyer

Kay Christy

The Foundry


Dorothy Cox

Future Media Concepts

Jason Paruta

The Creative Cow community

Rod Harlan

Paul Temme

Zax Dow

Scott Kelby

Total Training

DV Magazine

Ben Kozuch

Jim Tierney

After Effects On the Spot[c] Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros
After Effects On the Spot[c] Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros
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