3D Assistants I: Cylinder

By Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy

  1. Start off with an initial nine layers. These can be footage or solid layers .

  2. We need to set up some properties of layers so that when we duplicate them we don't have to go back and try and change a property for 300 layers.

    click to expand
    1. Make all the layers 3D.

    2. Select the Best Quality check box, or leave it at Draft Quality just to speed things.

    3. With all the layers selected, open up the Material Options and turn on casting shadows.

    4. We want all layers to transmit light. Add an expression to each layer - except for the top layer. Option (Alt) click each layer's Material Options>Light Transmission property and then Pickwhip the top layer's Light Transmission property. This way, we'll be able to adjust all of the layer's Light Transmission via the top layer's Light Transmission.

  3. Now that we have the parameters set up let's duplicate the layers two times giving us 27 layers. Make sure that the layers are set up sequentially so that they repeat in a pattern in the Cylinder.

  4. At this point we need to point the two duplicated ˜top layers' Light Transmission property at the original ˜top layer's Light Transmission property. So add expressions to the duplicated ˜top layers Light Transmission properties and Pickwhip the one on the original top layer.

  5. Now we can start working on our Cylinder.

Choose Window>Cylinder Creator Lite and let's enter the following values:

Y: 4000 4000

Radius Set By First: 36 First: 36

Distance Between Layers Vertically: 517 517

Repeat Layers: 10 10

Repeat Sequentially: checked

  1. Click the apply button at the bottom of the Cylinder Creater Lite dialogue w.

  2. Now add a camera to the comp and zoom it back far enough so that you can see the who cylinder.

  3. Add a couple of lights to the comp. Try placing a point light inside the cylinder and a spotlight (pointing at the cylinder) outside it.

  4. Adjust the top layer's Light Transmission property until you like the effect.

After Effects On the Spot[c] Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros
After Effects On the Spot[c] Time-Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros
ISBN: 1578202396
Year: 2006
Pages: 447

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