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UDP, closing ports for
     DVD Movie Factory
     DVD Workshop
unary NOT operator (!)
uninstallable programs, entries in sysoc.inf file
uninstalling applications
     cleaning up after
     removing access to certain Microsoft programs
     removing uninstall entries from uninstalled programs
uninstalling XP components and utilities
updates, NTFS date and time stamps
     customizing for Internet Explorer
     redirecting misspelled
     redirecting your web site to
URLSpellCheck for IIS
usage statistics (Eudora)
     devices, hidden
     importing analog video
     polling, increasing interval so laptops can enter power-saving state
user accounts, changing graphic for
user interfaces
     components, hiding to prevent accidental removal
    Control Panel
         building customized
         displaying applets in cascading menu
         hidden applets, running
         hiding applets with Registry
         hiding applets with XP Pro Group Policy Editor
         hiding unused applets
         recategorizing applets
     creating customized with TweakUI
     cursors and icons, creating your own
     customizing with the Registry
         adding folders to Open dialog
         hiding all icons in Notification Area
         hiding certain icons in Notification Area
         turning off system beeps
     customizing with WindowBlinds
         creating your own skins
         downloading skins from the Internet
     desktop icons and system objects, renaming/changing
     graphic for your user account, changing
     IE, customizing with Group Policy Editor
     Most Frequently Used Programs List
         banning programs from with the Registry
         banning programs from with TweakUI
         banning programs with Registry
         changing number of programs in
         killing with Registry hack
     older Windows programs, forcing to use XP common controls
     Pegasus email software, eccentricities of
     Pinned Programs List
     Start Menu and Taskbar, customizing with Group Policy Editor
         applying new
         creating your own
         online sources for
user logins
     autologon, enabling
     controlling with Registry
     changing name of registered user with Registry hack
     HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry hive
     HKEY_USERS Registry hive
     host computer, permissions for
     Security Identifiers (SIDs)
utilities (XP basic), improving on
         getting a better backup program
         mapping out backup plan
         system organization that aids backup process
         Windows XP backup utilities
     disk defragmentation
         boot files, defragmenting
         failure of disk defragmenter
         getting a better disk defragmenter
         running disk defragmenter from command line
     universal messaging with Trillian
     virtual desktops
     Windows Messenger, going beyond messaging
         collaborating with whiteboard
         sharing applications
         using .NET alerts with

Windows XP Hacks
Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596009186
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 191

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