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Radial Blur filter
radial gradient
Radiance file format
raster images
raw format 2nd
Rectangle tool
Rectangular Marquee tool
Red Eye tool
Reduce Noise filter
reflected gradient
Reis, George
Render filters
repairing photos [See also retouching photos, Blur and Sharpen tools for.]
     adding grain/noise
     alignment problems
     aspect ratio adjustments
     blurring images
     examples of
     faded historical photos
     image selection and
     perspective cloning
     removing grain/noise
     soft focus problems
     tools used for
     washed-out skies
Replace Color command
resampling process
Reselect command
     dots per inch
     image size and 2nd
     lines per inch
     pixels per inch
     samples per inch
     scanners and 2nd 3rd
Reticulation filter
retouching photos [See also repairing photos, adding grain/noise.]
     Blur and Sharpen tools for
     Clone Stamp tool for
     Dodge and Burn tools for
     Healing Brush tool for
     Patch tool for
     Pattern Stamp tool for
     Red Eye tool for
     Smudge tool for
     Sponge tool for
     Spot Healing Brush tool for
RGB color mode 2nd 3rd
Ripple filter
Rotate Canvas command
rotating images 2nd
Rough Pastels filter
Rounded Rectangle tool
royalty-free images
rubber stamp effect

Understanding. AdobeR PhotoshopR. Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques
Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques
ISBN: 0321368983
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 129

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