The Methodology

This book emphasizes hands-on training. Each exercise is designed to help you learn the application inside and out. You'll learn how to organize your ideas and then present or publish them with maximum clarity and visual impact. If you are new to iWork, it would be helpful for you to start at the beginning and progress through each lesson in order, since each lesson builds on information learned in previous ones. If you have some experience, you can choose to start with the chapters that address Pages or Keynote directly. This book assumes a basic level of familiarity with the Apple OS X operating system.

Course Structure

Each of the 11 lessons in this book focuses on a different aspect of project creation and distribution using iWork and iLife. Each lesson expands on the basic concepts of the program, giving you the tools to use Pages and Keynote for your own projects.

The lessons in this book are divided into two groups:

  • Lessons 16: Making Presentations in Keynote

  • Lessons 710: Publishing with Pages

You will also find bonus projects for the creative professional in Lesson 11 on the DVD.

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