Adding a Shape to Hold Text

You can place text inside a variety of shapes on your slide. Putting text inside a shape is a great way to make it stand out. Let's format the tip text in the slides so it looks different from the bullet point text.


Choose Insert > Shape > Rounded Rectangle.

The rectangle is added to the center of the slide, in colors based upon the theme you have chosen. These colors can be easily changed.


Switch to the Graphic Inspector.

The Graphic Inspector allows you to modify the fill and stroke of an object as well as the opacity and drop shadow properties.


Click the Fill pop-up menu and change the fill to Color Fill.


Click the color well to open the Colors window.


Click the magnifying glass icon to sample colors from your image.

You can select colors from any object in your canvas to colorize text or fill a shape.


Click the reddish-brown text bullet to sample that color for the fill.

The sample color is loaded into the large strip of color next to the magnifying glass and into the Fill color well in the Graphic Inspector.


Drag the color from the Colors window into the Stroke color well to change it to brown.

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