Publishing a Presentation to .mac

When you create a presentation for a client, the client may not have access to Keynote or all of the fonts that you have used. One way around this problem is to publish your presentation to the Internet using a .mac account.


If you don't have a .mac account, you can sign up for a 60-day trial at


In Keynote, make sure that the presentation TDC Storyboard.key is open.

If you did not work through the previous exercise, you can use the file 10TDC Storyboard Final.key.


Choose File > Export and click QuickTime to preserve animations and timings.


Choose the following options:

  • Playback Control: Self-Playing Movie

  • Slide Duration: 5 seconds (specifies how long each slide stays onscreen)

  • Build Duration: 2 seconds (specifies how long each bullet holds for)

  • Repeat:None

  • Format:CD-ROM Movie, Medium, or Web Movie, Small (depending on the viewer's connection speed)


Click Next.


Give the file a name and specify a temporary destination on your hard drive.

You'll now transfer the movie to your iDisk for Internet viewing.


In the Finder, choose Go > iDisk > My iDisk.


Open iDisk and copy the slideshow movie into your Movies folder.

Depending on your Internet connection speed and length of presentation, the file may take a few minutes to upload.


Launch Safari and connect to Click the Log In button.


Enter your username and password. Then, in the My Pages area of the Welcome Page, click More to access all page controls.


In the Create a Page area, click the iMovie tab. Then select a template to hold your movie by clicking its thumbnail.


While they are rather plain, the Frameless White and Frameless Black templates look very professional.


Enter a Web page name, clip name, and description in the empty fields.


Click Choose to select the movie file. Then navigate through the iDisk folder structure and select your clip.


Click Publish to produce the Web page and publish it to your .mac account.

The next page gives you a Web link to access the movie as well as the option to send an iCard to announce the site.

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