Believe It

Several years ago, Parade magazine carried a story about Olympic marathon runner John Stephen Akhwari from Tanzania. During the 1968 Olympic games , Akhwari was the last runner to finish the grueling 26-mile race. His leg was bloodied and bandaged because he had fallen and severely injured his knee. When he painfully hobbled across the finish line, a reporter approached him and asked why he hadnt quit. He said, My country did not send me [here] to start the race. They sent me to finish.

Akhwari stayed focused on the end resultfinishing the racerather than the fact that his injury ruined his chances of winning. If hed given his attention to the challenge rather than the finish line, he would have given up on the race. You must have the same attitude when it comes to completing those things youve set your mind to accomplish. Even when it looks impossible or negative situations arise, make a decision to complete the task at hand. Its not enough to set goals for yourself if you fail to complete the steps necessary to achieve those goals. Many people have dreams and visions that never materialize because theyre not committed to completing them, and it isnt uncommon for people to start things that they never finish. Dont let distractions, complacency, and hardships keep you from success: Commit to completion in everything you undertake.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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