Believe It

Change is the essence of lifewithout it, we cant grow. A seed must absorb water, break open , and push forth a sprout in order to grow into a mighty oak . . . and human beings are no different. Change brings us the opportunity to be something even better than we were before.

When I considered leaving my hometown of Seattle to accept a job promotion in Atlanta, I first thought of the negatives : Id be leaving my roots and my loved ones; Id have to make new friends (or live a lonely life); Id have to find a new place of worship, a new doctor, a new dentist, and a new place to live; and I felt apprehensive about moving to a part of the country where I hadnt spent much time, I didnt know the roads , and the traffic appeared to be three times worse than what Id experienced in Seattle. Could I handle all that change?

I eventually wiped out my negative thoughts with positive ones: The promotion meant more money, more prestige, and more opportunity than ever before; the move would bring a new climate for me to experience; and leaving my old abode would give me a chance to clear out the things I no longer used or needed. I soon accepted that the changes were good, both personally and professionally. I faced change, embraced it, and welcomed it into my lifeas a result, many doors opened up for me.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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