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data attribute (ProcessingInstruction interface)
data format, XML as
        developing record-like XML formats
                backward compatibility
                namespace support
        reasons to use
                communications protocols
                file formats
                mixed environments
                object serialization
                unique strengths of XML
        sharing your format
data types
        complex schema types
                element content
                occurrence constraints
        numbers in XPath
        schema type library
        schema, derivation of
        simple schema types 2nd
                defining new
        type derivation, controlling
        TypeInfo interface (DOM)
        XPath expressions
data typing in XML documents
        XML data format
        XML vs.
date type
dateTime type
decimal character references
decimal format patterns
decimal type
decimal-format element
decimals numbers, CSS colors
declarations 2nd
                default 2nd
        commenting out
        DeclHandler interface and
        document type
        element 2nd
        element type
        encoding 2nd
                inside XML declaration
                modifying 2nd
        general entity 2nd
                names must be unique
                unparsed entities and
        parameter entity
        parameter entity references
        standalone 2nd
        standalone attribute
        text 2nd
        version attribute 2nd
        xml:lang attribute
DeclHandler interface (SAX)
default namespaces, setting 2nd
default values, XML specification for
DefaultHandler class (SAX) 2nd
deleteData( ) (CharacterData)
deprecating XML application features
dereferencing parameter entities
derived types
                abstract elements and types
                final attribute
                fixed facets
                uniqueness and keys
        deriving by extension
        deriving by restriction
descendant axis 2nd 3rd
descendant-or-self axis
descendants of CSS elements, matching
        Unicode block
diacritical marks
        Combining Diacritical Marks (Unicode block)
        letters combined with (Latin Extended Additional)
Dingbats Unicode block
disciplines and professions , standard DTDs for
display property (CSS)
        entity sets and
        purposes for related resources (RDDL)
        structure of documents
doctype attribute (Document interface)
DOCTYPE declaration
document element
Document interface (DOM) 2nd 3rd
        nodeName attribute and
        nodeValue attribute and
        normalizeDocument( )
document model modules, defining parameter entity references
Document Object Model [See DOM]
Document Style Sheet and Semantics Language (DSSSL) 2nd
document type declaration
document type definitions [See DTDs]
document( ) function
DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE (DOM) and nodeType attribute
        and nodeType attribute
        and textContent attribute
        and nodeType attribute
        and textContent attribute
documentation element 2nd 3rd
DocumentFragment interface (DOM) 2nd 3rd
        nodeName attribute and
        nodeValue attribute and
documents, XML 2nd
        associating CSS stylesheets with
        associating RDF document with
        attaching links to [See XLinks]
        body of
        converting to HTML for servers
        embedding non-XML content in
        generating for other applications
        grammar for XML 1.0 documents
        grammar for XML 1.1 documents
        identifying locations in [See XPointers]
        legacy formats
                structure of
        nodes in
        parsing with DOM
        permanence of
        SGML's legacy
        stylesheet reference embedded in
        syntax structures
        transforming and presenting
        validity of
        well- formed
                valid vs.
DocumentType interface (DOM) 2nd 3rd
        nodeName attribute and
        nodeValue attribute and
DOM (Document Object Model) 2nd 3rd 4th
        basics of
       Core, structure of
                generic vs. specific interfaces
                Node and other generic interfaces
        document structure, relating to nodes
        dynamic tree references
        example application
        generating XML documents
        IDL (Interface Definition Language) notation
        Level 1 2nd
        Level 2
       Level 3
                Core Recommendation 2nd
                loading XML documents and reserializing DOM trees as XML
        NamedNodeMap interface
        Node interface
        NodeList interface
        object hierarchy
        object reference (Level 3 Core objects)
        parsing a document with
        specific node-type interfaces
                content nodes
                structural nodes
        strengths and weaknesses
        TrAX and
DOMConfiguration interface 2nd
DOMError interface
DOMErrorHandler interface
DOMException interface
DOMImplementation interface 2nd
DOMImplementationList interface
DOMImplementationRegistry interface
DOMImplementationSource interface 2nd
DOMLocator interface 2nd
DOMObject interface 2nd
DOMString interface
DOMStringList interface 2nd
DOMUserData interface
double type
DSSSL (Document Style Sheet and Semantics Language) 2nd
DTDHandler interface (SAX)
DTDs 2nd
        ATTLIST declarations of xml:lang attribute
        attribute declarations
                attribute types
        boundaries of, LexicalHandler interface and
        conditional inclusion of declarations
        document permanence and
        document type declaration vs.
        element declarations
                ANY keyword
                child elements
                empty elements
                mixed content
                number of children
                parentheses in
        element type declarations
        external DTD subsets
                text declarations in
                XML processing and
       general entities
                external, parsed
        general entity declarations
        ID attributes declared in
        internal DTD subsets
        namespaces and
        narrative XML documents 2nd 3rd
        parameter entities 2nd
                syntax of
        parameter entity references
                location in DTDs
        RDDL document
        record-like documents 2nd 3rd
        schemas vs.
        standalone attribute in XML declaration
        standard, locating
        stylesheets and
        TEI (Text Encoding Initiative)
        text declarations
                document type declaration
                example DTD
                internal subsets
                validating a document
        for XHTML
                division into modules
        XML specification for
Dublin Core metadata vocabulary
        binding prefixes to namespace URIs
        improving web searches
duration type
dynamic tree references (DOM)


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