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C0 controls in ASCII character sets
C1 controls in ISO-8859 character sets
call-template element
Canadian French (xml\:lang attribute)
Canonical XML 2nd
        Genx C library for
Cascading Style Sheets 2nd [See CSS]
        changing with CSS text-transform
        converting text to uppercase with SAX filter
case-sensitivity in XML 2nd
casting generic Node reference to specific interface
catalogs, XML
CDATA sections
        <![CDATA[ and ]]> delimiters
        attribute type 2nd
        processing of
        SAX LexicalHandler interface and
        in XHTML, browser handling of
        XML specification for
        and nodeType attribute
        and textContent attribute
CDATASection interface (DOM) 2nd 3rd
        nodeName attribute and
ceiling( ) function (XPath) 2nd
character data
        comments in
        escaping special characters with references
character data characters (Unicode)
character encodings 2nd 3rd [See also character sets; Unicode]
        autodetection of
        encoding declaration 2nd 3rd
        parser support of
        recommended, for processor recognition
        Unicode [See Unicode]
character references 2nd
        for HTML 4.0 entity sets
        in XHTML
        XML specification
character sets 2nd
        converting between
        in external parsed entities
        HTML 4.0 entity sets
                Latin-1 entity set
                special characters
        names defined for XML specification, list of
        national standard
        Unicode [See Unicode]
        XML document default
CharacterData interface (DOM) 2nd
charset pseudo-attribute 2nd
child axis 2nd
child elements
        attributes vs.
        CSS, selector for
        determining number of
        limiting order and number of
        location steps
        metainformation about narrative documents
        name specified for (location steps)
        specified in element declarations
child sequences (in XPointers)
childNodes attribute (Node)
Chinese characters
        using subcodes for dialects
        UTF-8/UTF-16 encodings 2nd
choice element 2nd
choices in element declarations
choose element
Clark, James 2nd
cloneNode( ) (Node)
Cocoon (Apache XML Project XSLT processor)
code points
colors, CSS properties for
Combining Diacritical Marks (Unicode block)
command-line programs
        for document validation
        XSLT processors
comment element
Comment interface (DOM) 2nd 3rd
        nodeName attribute and
        nodeValue attribute and
comment nodes
        default template rule for
        XPath data model and
comment( ) location step
comment( ) node test
COMMENT_NODE (DOM node type)
        and nodeType attribute
        and textContent attribute
        CSS style sheet
        DTDs, making sense of
        IGNORE directive acting as
        LexicalHandler interface and
        loopholes in XML specification
        processing issues with
        in schemas, annotations vs.
        in XML documents
        XML specification for
communications protocols and XML
compareDocumentPosition( ) (Node)
comparison operators in XPath 2nd
complex types
                deriving by exension
                deriving by restriction
        element content, types of
        occurrence constraints
complexContent element 2nd
complexType element
        mixed attribute
concat( ) function (XPath) 2nd 3rd
conditional inclusion, declarations
conditional sections
        parameter entity nesting and
constrained child nodes
        namespace 2nd
        well- formedness
container nodes (XPointer points)
contains( ) function (XPath) 2nd
content negotiation, XInclude
content nodes (DOM Core)
content specifications (in element declarations)
content, element [See element content]
Content-Type field (HTTP header)
ContentHandler class (Java)
ContentHandler interface (SAX) 2nd
        filters and
        implementation class, writing
        methods called by parser
        overriding methods in
context node 2nd
        axis from, XPath location steps
        changing for XPointer XPath expression
        selecting from all descendants, using //
        selecting, using a period (.) 2nd
        unabbreviated location paths
Coptic Unicode block
copy element
copy-of element
Core module, DOM
count( ) function (XPath) 2nd
country codes
Cp1252 character set 2nd
        converting to UTF-8 encoding
createAttribute( ) (Document)
createAttributeNS( ) (Document)
createCDATASection( ) (Document)
createComment( ) (Document)
createDocument( ) (DOMImplementation)
createDocumentFragment( ) (Document) 2nd
createDocumentType( ) (DOMImplementation)
createElement( ) (Document)
createElementNS( ) (Document)
createEntityReference( ) (Document)
createProcessingInstruction( ) (Document)
createTextNode( ) (Document)
createXMLReader( ) (XMLReaderFactory)
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 2nd
        associating with XML documents
        choosing between XSL-FO and
        color properties
        display property
        font properties
        Level 1 (CSS1) 2nd
        Level 2 (CSS2) 2nd
        Level 3 (CSS3)
                for child elements
                for descendants
                for sibling elements
                universal selector (*)
        style rules for
        syntax of
        text properties
        transformation-based presentation vs.
        units of length
        XHTML DTD style attribute module
Currency Symbols Unicode block
current( ) function
Cyrillic characters
        Unicode block for


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