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values, Registry
       adding and deleting  
               creating new  
       creating new (NoLowDiskSpaceChecks)  
       deleting for uninstalled programs  
       deleting using .reg files  
       DoubleClickSpeed value for the mouse  
       editing, creating, or deleting with Registry Editor  
       examples in subkey section listing  
       primary data types  
VDM   [See Virtual Desktop Manager]
verbs (in documents), searching for alternative forms  
video bit rate  
video display size  
videos , making with Windows Movie Maker  
       capturing video properly  
       digital video camera, using  
       DVDs, making  
       recording video, best settings for  
               preset profiles  
viewer for files (IrfanView)  
Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM)  
               background images, changing  
               keyboard shortucts for switching desktops  
               preview screen  
               removing program name from toolbar  
               taskbar buttons for programs running  
               toolbar configuration menu  
       switching between desktops  
virtual machines   [See also JVMs]
       Microsoft VM  
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
       ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) use and  
       residential gateways and  
       setting up  
virus masquerading as WindowBlinds installer  
visual effects (XP), system performance and  
voice messages vial email (in Eudora)  

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