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Back Orifice Trojan, use of ports  
background images, customizing in VDM  
background services and applications, reducing  
Backup and Restore utility  
       ASR, XP Home and  
Backup Plus program  
Backup Utility, installing manually in XP Home  
       building better strategy for  
               backup utilities in Windows XP  
               getting a better backup program  
               mapping out backup plan  
               system organization that aids backup process  
       cookies (from IE)  
       Outlook and Outlook Express data files  
               add-in software, using  
               manually backing up Outlook  
               manually backing up Outlook Express  
       Registry   2nd  
               using Backup utility  
               using Registry Editor  
               using System Restore  
balloon tips
       changing for system objects  
       customizing for folders  
batch conversions of image formats  
batch file, creating  
beeps (system), turning off  
binary NOT operator (&!)  
binary values (Registry)   2nd  
        subkey section, examples in  
Blocked Senders List (Outlook Express)  
Boolean operators in Indexing Service queries  
booster antennas for wireless networks  
boot defragment  
boot files, defragmenting  
boot menu, fixing  
boot screen, changing  
       building startup screen from graphics  
       chossing from multiple screens  
boot sector, fixing  
boot.ini file  
               [boot loader] section  
               [operating system] section  
BootVis utility  
BootXP program  
       files, information about  
       mobile file transfers with  
broadband Internet connections, targets of crackers and wannabes  
       Internet Explorer   [See Internet Explorer]
               cookie management, privacy settings  
       Navigator and Mozilla, deleting cookies  
       Opera and Mozilla, killing pop ups  
browsing (network), speeding up  
buffers (mouse and keyboard), changing size of  
Bugnosis program  
buttons   [See also user interfaces]
       customizing appearance of  
       VDM taskbar, customizing  

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