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cable modems, resetting to repair TCP/IP connection  
cables and connectors for direct network connections  
cache memory, removing DLLs from  
CacheRight program  
       DNS cache settings on XP, adjusting  
       improving web site performance with  
calendar backup file (Outlook)  
cantenna (wireless), building  
       online directions  
Caps Lock, automatically turning on at startup  
cards, wireless network  
cd command to list all files and subfolders on all folders on all local disks  
               digital music files that skip and pop  
               skipping in burned music CDs  
       storing backups on  
cipher command  
class definitions of unique objects  
class ID (CLSID) for desktop objects  
       removing icons with  
Classic Internet Search Companion  
       fonts displayed before logon  
               IP addresses and domain names  
               setting up  
clipboard enhancement with ClipCache Plus  
       cleaning up text  
       multiple clips, capturing and storing  
               Office clipboard vs.  
               orgainzing into folders  
       pasting clips into an application  
Clipboard, screen captures to  
collaboration with a whiteboard   [See whiteboard]
       background, customizing for desktop  
       changing settings for Java applets  
       reducing for better RAM use  
comma-separated (.cvs) log file, viewing in spreadsheet  
command line
       4NT program  
       Command Prompt Explorer Bar  
       disk defragmenter, running from  
        putting prompt on desktop  
       shortcuts for customized Windows Explorer views  
               desktop shortcuts  
               GUIDs, using with  
       shortcuts for launching applications  
               customizing with switches and parameters  
               usng with keyboard shortcuts for running  
       tools for troubleshooting network connections   [See troubleshooting network connections]
command prompt, opening from Explorer context menu  
comments, adding to HOSTS file  
Commit Charge higher than Physical Memory available  
compact privacy statements  
company name registered as system owner, changing  
Compare Folders feature (PowerDesk)  
compatibility problems with earlier Windows programs  
       Application Compatibility Toolkit, using  
       Compatibility Wizard, using  
components (XP)
       hiding to prevent removal  
compression, file
               converting other filesystems to NTFS  
               converting previous filesystems to  
               disk space saved by  
               system or .log files, performance and  
               ZIP files vs.  
       screen capture images saved to Photo Editor  
Connect on Demand setting (residential gateways)  
connecting to web sites, problems with  
connection settings for IE, customizing  
connectors   [See also hardware]
       for wireless antenna  
       Outlook Express, in Windows Address Book  
       Outlook, backup files for  
CONTAINS operator (Indexing Service)  
content ratings, customizing for IE  
context menus   [See also shortcut menus ]
       Windows Explorer, improving  
               command prompt, opening  
               copy/move to folder options  
                Open With option  
               Send To option  
Control Panel
       building customized  
       displaying applets in cascading menu  
       hidden applets, running  
       hiding unused applets  
               Registry, using  
               XP Pro Group Policy Editor, using  
       recategorizing applets  
Cookie Pal utility  
       examining and deleting manually  
       exporting, importing or backing up  
       IE cookie handling, customizing  
       IE privacy settings, effects of  
       opting out of cookie-based ad nedworks  
        related terminology, understanding  
       spyware problems with  
       third-party cookie managers  
       Windows Media Player, privacy problems with  
Copy To Folder option (Explorer context menu)  
copying files from local drives to removable media in Recovery Console  
copyright laws, themes and  
cordless phones, interference with wireless equipment  
crackers (malicious hackers), attacks through  
Create Shortcut Wizard  
credential agencies, designating as trustworthy  
cryptography   [See also Encrypting File System]
       PowerDesk utility  
       WEP encryption  
       capturing in screenshots  
       creating your own  
               Axialix AX-Cursors program (creating from scratch)  
               CursorXP Free program  
               CursorXP Plus program  
               Microangelo program  
       free, download site  

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