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Actual Transparent Windows program  
Ad-Aware (sypware detector)  
adapters, getting information on with ipconfig  
Adult Content Senders list (Outlook)  
Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) path  
Advanced Startup Manager, creating multiple profiles  
advertising networks ( cookie-based ), opting out of  
       .NET   [See .NET alerts]
All Programs menu, customizing  
America Online icon, removing from desktop  
       CD, writing  
       video, converting to digital  
animated effects (GUI), controlling  
Annotis Mail web service   2nd  
anonymous web surfing  
       software for  
       Web-based anonymizer  
ANSI codes  
antennas for wireless networks
       building your own for war driving  
       external and booster antennas, use of  
       tips for improving performance  
antitrust case against Microsoft  
appearance, customizing   [See user interfaces]
       Control Panel
               displaying in cascading menu  
               hiding from newbies  
               hiding unused  
               hiding with the Registry  
               hiding with XP Pro Group Policy Editor  
               running hidden applets  
       Java, running without problems  
applications   2nd   [See also programs]
       background, reducing for better RAM use  
       command-line shortcuts for launching  
               customizing shortcuts  
               using with keyboard shortcuts for running  
       forcing older programs to use XP common controls  
       hidden fields in Word, security risks  
       memory-hogging, identifying with Task Manager  
       opening and creating Microsoft documents without Office  
       sharing with Messenger  
               cleaning up after  
               removing access to certain Microsoft programs  
               removing uninstall entries from uninstalled programs  
       XP-incompatible, forcing to run  
               Application Compatibility Toolkit, using  
               Compatibility Wizard, using  
ARC (Advanced RISC Computing) path  
archive files  
       Archive.pst (Outlook)  
       Web, single file (.mht)  
arrays of strings   [See string array values]
Ask Jeeves toolbar  
ASR (Automated System Recovery)  
Attachment Options add-in (Outlook)  
attachments to email (blocked), opening in Outlook/Outlook Express  
       forcing Outlook Express to open blocked file attachments  
       forcing Outlook to open blocked file attachments  
audio bit rate and properties(video setting)  
authenticode settings for IE, customizing  
AutoEndTasks key (Registry)  
autologon, enabling  
Automated System Recovery (ASR)  
       NTBackup installed on XP Home machine  
Axialis AX-Cursors program  

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