My First IT Magazine Sale

My first article for an IT Magazine (Building a Better Programmer, for Midrange Computing , the print magazine that was the predecessor for the current online publication MCMagOnline ) was prompted by my visit to the companys Web site to look for books or other interesting topics I could review online. My eye fell on a button that said Article Opportunities. On my click I found a Web page from the acquisitions editor, encouraging the submission of articles apparently from even people like me who were without extensive previous published works.

I popped off a list of ten article ideas to her.

That acquisitions editor promptly responded (picking what I thought was my eighth -most-interesting idea). It was easy to write (because it was about giving programmers the private office space and quiet I believe they needa subject you will now recognize as one of my obsessions). Once it went to print, I was now a published author in a respected IT magazine. Id gotten paid for the article ($500). Id gotten lots of attaboys from my colleagues and nice e- mails from readers. I even had the pleasure of knowing that my readers shared my zealseveral of them wrote that they had left a copy of my article on their managers office chair .

How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
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