Professional Java Servlets 2.3

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Subrahmanyam Allamaraju

John T. Bell

Simon Brown

Sam Dalton

Andrew Harbourne-Thomas

Bjarki Holm

Meeraj Moidoo Kunnumpurath

Sing Li

Tony Loton

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Subrahmanyam Allamaraju
John T. Bell
Simon Brown
Sam Dalton
Andrew Harbourne-Thomas
Bjarki Holm
Meeraj Kunnumpurath

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About the Authors

Subrahmanyam Allamaraju

Subrahmanyam is a Senior Engineer with BEA Systems. His interest in modeling lead him from his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering to object-oriented programming, and then to distributed computing and software architecture. In this process, he drifted from his one-time home - the Indian Institute of Technology, to Computervision, and Wipro Infotech, and later to BEA Systems. You can find more about his current activities at his home

  • Subrahmanyam would like to thank Varaa for her hand in code samples (in the face of tight deadlines), and sharing his frustration as well as exhilaration.

Subrahmanyam contributed Chapter 5 to this book.

John T. Bell

John Bell is a Principal Engineer at Latitude360, a subsidiary of RWD Technologies. He has been providing technology solutions for over 20 years and has been developing Java-based web systems for the past several years. His primary areas of expertise are in object-oriented development and distributed processing systems. Recently he has been supporting DaimlerChrysler as lead architect for a number of Java-based web platform initiatives. He is now supporting Latitde360's own eLearning product development efforts. He has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Systems Management, both from the University of Maryland. In his spare time he plays with his kids, maintains computers for local charities, and writes strategy based computer games. He is also active in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

Many thanks to Latitude360 and RWD Technologies for providing me with the time, equipment, and software needed to work on this book.

Dedicated to my parents, my mother who gave me the gift of writing and my father who introduced me to electronics, computers, and engineering.

John contributed Chapter 14 to this book.

Simon Brown

Simon is a Technical Architect working in London and has been using Java since 1996. During this time he has been involved with many Java developments, acting as technical lead, mentor and trainer. Outside of work he has spoken at several Java events, including JavaOne, has been published on JavaWorld and co-authored the 2nd Edition of Professional JSP.

Simon graduated from the University of Reading in 1996 with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science. He has also attained many Sun certifications, including the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE, Web Component Developer for J2EE and Developer for the Java 2 Platform. Feel free to e-mail any questions or comments to <>

  • I would once again like to thank my fiancée Kirstie for her encouragement, and also for putting up with me being tucked away in the spare room for hours at a time.

Simon contributed Chapter 12 to this book.

Sam Dalton

Sam is a Technical Architect, and is based in London. He has worked with Java and related technologies for a number of years, in various industries, including investment banking, insurance, and retail e-commerce.

Sam was fortunate enough to present and co-present several very popular sessions at JavaOne in 2001, and hopes to make many more appearances in the future.

Sam graduated from The University of Reading, with an honors degree in Computer Science, and is now a Sun Certified Programmer, Developer, and Web Component Developer for the Java 2 platform.

  • Many heartfelt thanks go to my wife Anne, who is always very supportive of my efforts, and always there with a nice cup of tea!

Sam contributed Chapter 4 to this book.

Andrew Harbourne-Thomas

Andrew Harbourne-Thomas is an independent consultant focusing on J2EE application design and development and project management. He started working life as an economist, worked as Economic Advisor to the Irish Trade Board (now Enterprise Ireland), followed by several years working as an independent consultant to top companies including Microsoft, focusing on technology, strategy and project management.

He was always interested in evolving technologies and has been working with Java technologies since 1997, including some time with Bear Stearns IT division. His main interests include J2EE application architecture, web service design, extreme programming, and emerging technologies.

Andrew lives in Dublin, Ireland, and while escaping from Java; his main pursuits include scuba diving and photography.

  • Thank you Miriam for your love, patience and support.

Andrew contributed Chapters 1-3 and Appendix B to this book.

Bjarki Holm

For the past five years, Bjarki has been working at software engineering at VYRE Corporation in Reykjavík, developing on-line design and content management systems using servlets with an Oracle backend. Currently, he is taking time off from work to pursue his studies of electrical engineering and occasional writing opportunities.

Bjarki contributed Chapter 6 to this book.

Meeraj Moidoo Kunnumpurath

Meeraj works as a Senior Information Specialist with EDS. He designs enterprise helpdesk and billing systems using J2EE and XML.

  • I dedicate my work for this book to the three most wonderful women in my life: my mother, my wife and my sister. May Allah bless the entire humankind.

Meeraj contributed Chapters 8 and 13 to this book.

Sing Li

First bitten by the computer bug in 1978, Sing has grown up with the microprocessor and the Internet revolution. His first PC was a $99 do-it-yourself COSMIC ELF computer with 256 bytes of memory and a 1 bit LED display. For two decades, Sing has been an active author, consultant, instructor, entrepreneur, and speaker. His wide-ranging experience spans distributed architectures, web services, multi-tiered server systems, computer telephony, universal messaging, and embedded systems. Sing has been credited with writing the very first article on the Internet Global Phone, delivering voice over IP long before it becomes a common reality. He has been working with (and writing about) Java, Jini and JXTA since their very first available releases, and is an active evangelist for the unlimited potential of P2P system technology.

Sing contributed Chapters 7 and 9 to this book.

Tony Loton

Tony Loton is Principal Consultant / Director of LOTONtech Limited (

He works through his company as an independent consultant, training instructor, and freelance author, and the current areas of interest at LOTONtech include Java-based speech synthesis and the automated extraction of information from the World Wide Web.

Tony holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Management and has over ten years IT experience, five or more working with Java, UML and related technologies. His work has been published by Wrox Press, John Wiley & Sons, and a number of IT journals.

  • I dedicate my contribution to my children, Becky and Matt, the lights of my life.

Tony contributed Chapters 10 and 11 to this book.

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