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SyncML®: Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
By Uwe Hansmann, Riku Mettälä, Apratim Purakayastha, Peter Thompson, Phillipe Kahn
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Chapter 14.  Summary and the Future

The number of SyncML compliant products is steadily increasing. A quick glance at the SyncML Web page ( shows a healthy collection of Clients and Servers. Many of these Clients and Servers continue to test at SyncFests, both for confirmation of compliance and to assist newer products.

More SyncML Data Synchronization (DS) products are coming into the marketplace as SyncML becomes viewed as necessary technology. Both 3GPP™ and WAP Forum® consider SyncML DS to be important technology and have adopted its use.

SyncML Device Management (DM) will only accelerate this process. DM is viewed as necessary technology by both mobile carriers and large corporate IT departments.


    SyncML. Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
    SyncML: Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
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