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language elements
       dc:language element  
       RSS 0.91  
       RSS 0.92   2nd  
       RSS 2.0  
       rss091:language element  
last modified date of content (dcterms:modified)  
last-subscription-time of all feeds subscribed to  
lastBuildDate element
       RSS 0.91  
legal implications of RSS feed copyrights  
Libby, Dan   2nd  
line-input operator, changing delimiter to null  
link elements
       mod_book (example)  
       RSS 0.91  
               for images  
       RSS 1.0, subelement of channel  
       RSS 2.0, changes in  
       Submit button in RSS 0.91 (example)  
       blogChannel:blink element  
       guid element, using in  
       publising link to RSS feed on your page  
       taxo:link element  
listeners, Publish and Subscribe system  
lists of blogs read by blog authors  
lists of resources (RDF)
       ordered (rdf:Seq element)  
       unordered (rdf:Bag element)  
live streamed media  
       event (ev:location element)  
       geographic (dc:coverage element)  
       GetLocationSchemes function (Syndic8)  
logging, publish and subscribe system  
LWP::Simple module  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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