By this point in the book, you have learned two of the most important things that surround Flash MX components: how to use them and how to make them. There are still special topics that can be covered for making a component, a few of which I'll discuss in the next chapter, but for the most part, you can now create any component you can imagine. You should be rushing off to your past projects in search of possible new components to experiment with. However, make sure you have absorbed the immense amount of information that I've just put in front of you. A component is worth as much as the foundation it was built upon; the last thing you need is a shaky foundation on which your entire project is based.

If you are not pleased with the unprofessional look of the default user interface that Macromedia forces on you, look forward to the next chapter, where we discuss how to create custom UIs, how to create live previews, and how to package components into MXP files for that added touch of professionalism.

The Hidden Power of Flash Components
The Hidden Power of Flash Components
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