You don't have to be an experienced SQL Server 2005 programmer to use this book; it is designed for users of all levels. You also do not need any experience with SQL Server 2000, as programming SQL Server 2005 is different in nearly every way from programming SQL Server 2000. You do need an understanding of fundamental relational database concepts. Basic knowledge of T-SQL also helps.

The goal of this book is to introduce all facets of programming SQL Server 2005 to developers. This book can be used either as a primer by developers with little or no experience with SQL Server, as a ramp-up to the new programming models for SQL Server 2005 for more experienced SQL Server developers, or as background and primer to specific concepts.

The code in this book is available for download on the O'Reilly web site (, so you don't need to retype it to follow the examples. Only code that is important to illustrate specific concepts is listed in this book, but enough code is presented to let you use the book without loading the actual code. The book does not list user interface code or code generated automatically by Visual Studio .NET.

Programming SQL Server 2005
Programming SQL Server 2005
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