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C# syntax, converting to Visual Basic syntax  
C# using statement  
calculated columns  
Cancel( ) method  
CancelEdit( ) method, for DataRows   2nd   3rd  
Caption property  
case sensitivity
       C# and  
       connection strings and  
CaseSensitive property
       for DataSets  
       for DataTables  
ChangeDatabase( ) method  
changes, committing/ discarding
       for DataRows  
               in DataSets  
               in DataTables  
       UniqueConstraint and  
child rows  
       ForeignKeyConstraint class and  
ChildRelations collection  
       C#/Visual Basic and  
       included in .NET data providers  
       namespace quick reference and  
       for ODBC .NET provider  
       for ODP.NET data provider  
       for OLE DB .NET provider  
       for SQL Server .NET provider  
Clear( ) method
       for columns  
       for constraints  
       for rows, removing
               from DataSets   2nd  
               from DataTables   2nd   3rd  
       for tables, removing from DataSets  
ClearErrors( ) method  
Clone( ) method
       for DataSets   2nd   3rd  
       for DataTables   2nd  
Close( ) method
       for connections  
       for DataReaders  
codegen namespace  
       annotations and  
CollectionChangeEventArgs enumeration  
collections reference
       Command class  
       Constraint class  
       DataAdapter class   2nd  
       DataColumn class  
       DataRelation class  
       DataRow class   2nd  
       DataSet class  
       DataTable class  
colon (:), in C# syntax  
column mappings  
column ordinals  
ColumnChanged event   2nd  
ColumnChanging event   2nd  
ColumnMapping property  
ColumnName property  
columns   2nd   [See also DataColumn objects]
       DataTable events and  
       filtering by  
       showing all with DataReaders  
       strongly typed DataSets and  
       UniqueConstraint and  
Columns collection  
Columns property  
COM+ 1.0, automatic transactions and  
Command class   2nd  
Command objects   2nd  
       DataAdapters and  
CommandBehavior enumeration   2nd  
CommandBuilder class   2nd  
       stored procedures and  
CommandBuilder objects   2nd  
       DataAdapters and  
CommandText property   2nd   3rd  
CommandTimeout property  
CommandType enumeration  
CommandType property   2nd  
Commit( ) method  
committing changes   [See changes, committing/discarding]
Compute( ) method   2nd  
concurrency handling  
       failed row updates and  
       transactions and  
       updating data source and  
connected classes  
Connection class   2nd  
Connection objects   2nd  
       opening/closing connections and  
       properties/ methods for  
connection pooling  
Connection property   2nd  
connection strings  
       parameters for (list)  
       security risks and  
ConnectionState enumeration  
ConnectionString property  
ConnectionTimeout property  
Constraint class   2nd   3rd  
Constraint objects   2nd   3rd   4th  
       DataSets, merging and  
       relations and  
       using to prevent errors   2nd  
ConstraintCollection class   2nd  
ConstraintException class   2nd  
Constraints collection  
Constraints property  
Contains( ) method
       column names , checking with   2nd  
       for DataRelations  
       DataRows, locating with  
       for tables  
ContinueUpdateOnError property   2nd  
Copy( ) method
       for DataSets   2nd   3rd  
       for DataTables   2nd  
Count property   2nd   3rd  
CreateChildView( ) method   2nd  
CreateCommand( ) method  
CreateParameter( ) method  
Current row version  
custom update logic  
       vs. CommandBuilder objects  

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