SqlParameter marshal by reference

SqlParameter marshal by reference

System.Data.SqlClient (system.data.dll) sealed class

This class represents a parameter for a stored procedure or parameterized query. For information about the basic SqlParameter members , refer to the reference for the System.Data.IDbDataParameter and System.Data.IDataParameter interfaces, which SqlParameter implements.

In addition, the SqlParameter class adds two members. SqlDbType sets the SQL Server data type of a parameter. When you set SqlDbType , DbType is updated automatically with the most compatible value. The other member is the Offset property, which is used for binary and string types. It returns the offset in bytes for a binary parameter and in characters for a string parameter.

 public sealed class  SqlParameter  : MarshalByRefObject , System.Data.IDbDataParameter,       System.Data.IDataParameter, ICloneable {  // Public Constructors  public  SqlParameter  (  );      public  SqlParameter  ( string   parameterName   , object   value   );      public  SqlParameter  (string   parameterName   ,  System.Data.SqlDbType   dbType   );    public  SqlParameter  (string   parameterName   , System.Data.SqlDbType   dbType   , int   size   );    public  SqlParameter  (string   parameterName   , System.Data.SqlDbType   dbType   , int   size   ,          System.Data.ParameterDirection   direction   , bool   isNullable   , byte   precision   ,          byte   scale   , string   sourceColumn   , System.Data.DataRowVersion   sourceVersion   , object   value   );    public  SqlParameter  (string   parameterName   , System.Data.SqlDbType   dbType   , int   size   , string   sourceColumn   );    public DbType  DbType  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public ParameterDirection  Direction  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public bool  IsNullable  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public int  Offset  {set; get; }     public string  ParameterName  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public byte  Precision  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDbDataParameter  public byte  Scale  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDbDataParameter  public int  Size  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDbDataParameter  public string  SourceColumn  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public DataRowVersion  SourceVersion  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter  public SqlDbType  SqlDbType  {set; get; }     public object  Value  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.IDataParameter   // Public Instance Methods  public override string  ToString  (  );  // overrides object  } 


System.Object figs/u2192.gif System.MarshalByRefObject figs/u2192.gif SqlParameter(System.Data.IDbDataParameter, System.Data.IDataParameter , System.ICloneable)

Returned By

SqlCommand.CreateParameter( ) , SqlParameterCollection.this

Passed To

SqlParameterCollection.{Add( ) , this}

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