Section 76. Create a Blogger Account

76. Create a Blogger Account


Search Through Blogs With Google

Create a Blog Entry

Before you can create your blog, you need to create a Blogger account. Even though Google owns the Blogger website, creating a Google account won't help you here. Your Google account and Blogger account are completely separate. So you have to set up an account on Blogger before you can start your own blog.

Create a Blogger Account

Go to

To start blogging with Google, go to This is Google's Blogger blogging site, and it's where you create your blog entries.

Click Create Your Blog Now

On the main page of the Blogger website, click the Create Your Blog Now button to get started with registration. You have to create an account before you can build your first blog.

Create Your Account

On the Create an account page that appears, type a username, password, your display name (the name you want to appear on your blog), and your email address. Click the Terms of Service link and read the legal agreement that appears in a new window; when you've finished reading, close the window to return to the Create an account page. Check the box next to I accept the Terms of Service and then click Continue.

Name Your Blog

On the Name your blog page that appears, enter a title for your blog and a blog address (a URL). The blog address ends in So if you type the URL prestonblog, the complete URL at which people can find your blog is After you type your preferred URL, type the Word Verification letters you see on the screen and click Continue. If the URL you enter is already taken, you get the notification, Sorry, this blog address is not available. Type a new URL and continue.


If you want to have your blog on a domain other than, click the Advanced Blog Setup link. You need to know the details of the domain you plan to use, such as the FTP server you use to upload files. Check with your hosting service for details.

Choose a Template

From the Choose a template page that appears, choose the template you want to use for your blog. Scroll down the page to see all the available templates. Don't worry if you end up choosing the wrong one. You can change the template later and even create a custom template if you want. When you've made a choice, click Continue.

Start Posting

Blogger takes a few moments to build your basic blog site. When it finishes, it displays a page telling you that your blog has been created. Click the Start Posting button to create your first post, as explained in Create a Blog Entry.

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