Chapter 10: Summary


The starting point of this book is that supply chain management requires effective use of an integrated ERP system. Its central theme focuses on using Microsoft Navision for managing supply chain activities in small to midsize manufacturers and distributors . Its target audience includes those individuals implementing or considering Microsoft Navision as their ERP system. The book addresses an overall understanding of how the system fits together to run a business, expressed in generally accepted terminology. This mental framework ”in combination with hands-on experience and training courseware ” can accelerate the learning process, and an overall understanding leads to more effective system usage.

Usage of any ERP system ”including Microsoft Navision ”is shaped by many design factors that make it easier (or harder) to learn and use. For example, consistency and symmetry in the user interface make an ERP system easier to learn and use. The same holds true for the consistency and symmetry in standardized functionality across integrated applications, and in extended functionality stemming from customizations and independently developed software. System functionality and e-commerce integration also shape usage in different manufacturing and distribution environments.

Many of the design factors related to Microsoft Navision have been covered in previous chapters. This final chapter summarizes the design factors shaping system usage and hopefully provides the capstone of an overall understanding about how the system fits together to run manufacturing and distribution businesses. The design factors are segmented into those related to the user interface, customization capabilities, and system usage in manufacturing and distribution environments. Additional design factors include those related to integration with e-commerce, relationship management, service management, and accounting applications.

Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
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