Function of Each Server

Function of Each Server

Server: AD00001

This server will be the primary development machine to carry the more CPU- intensive workload. Free temporary disk space is available on this machine via Unix automount. Disk quota will be set up for each project. Disk space availability will be determined by the scope of the project.

Configuration Details

  • Solaris 2.6

  • DNS and NIS slave server host name , IP address, aliases

  • Data base server. For example: /export/sybase

  • Free hog disk space via automount. For example: /export/common

Server: AD0002

This machine will be used as the Pre-Production server.

  • Solaris 2.6

  • Project files, data, databases. For example: /export/hrproj

  • Clients personal files. For example: /home/username

  • Support SPARC clients

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