TestResult (see Figure B-9) is a class used to collect unit test results. The information collected includes a count of tests run and any failures or errors produced. Failures and errors are represented as instances of TestFailure . A TestResult runs a Test by calling its runBare( ) method.

A set of unit tests is run by creating an empty TestResult and calling run(TestResult) on each Test , passing the TestResult as a collecting parameter. At the end, the set of results is retrieved from the TestResult and reported .

A TestResult also is created when the method Test.run( ) is used to execute a Test .

Figure B-9. The class TestResult


 public class TestResult         extends Object 


TestResult( )

A constructor creating an empty TestResult .

Public Methods

void addError(Test test, Throwable t)

Adds an error to the results.

void addFailure(Test test, AssertionFailedError e)

Adds a failure to the results.

void addListener(TestListener listener)

Registers a TestListener to receive events from this TestResult .

void endTest(Test test)

Informs the listeners that Test completed.

int errorCount( )

Gets the number of errors in the results.

Enumeration errors( )

Gets an Enumeration of the errors.

int failureCount( )

Gets the number of failures in the results.

Enumeration failures( )

Gets an Enumeration of the failures.

void removeListener(TestListener listener)

Unregisters a TestListener .

int runCount( )

Gets the number of tests run.

void runProtected(Test test, Protectable p)

Runs a Protectable and associates any failures or errors with Test . The Protectable is assumed to run the Test 's test method.

boolean shouldStop( )

Returns the stop flag.

void startTest(Test test)

Informs listeners that Test is starting. Also increments fRunTests by the amount returned by Test.countTestCases( ) .

void stop( )

Sets the stop flag.

boolean wasSuccessful( )

Returns TRUE if there are no failures or errors in the results.

Protected/Private Methods

protected void run(TestCase test)

A method to run a TestCase .

private Vector cloneListeners( )

A method to return a copy of the listeners.


protected Vector fErrors

A collection of TestFailures representing errors.

protected Vector fFailures

A collection of TestFailures representing failures.

protected Vector fListeners

A list of TestListeners for this TestResult .

protected int fRunTests

A counter to record the number of tests run.

private boolean fStop

A stop flag indicating that tests should stop running.

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Unit Test Frameworks
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