7.1 Overview


CppUnit is a port of JUnit to C++, and was originally authored by Michael Feathers and Jerome Lacoste. Its basic architecture and usage closely follow the xUnit model. The implementation details differ from JUnit as a result of design choices by CppUnit's developers and language differences between Java and C++. CppUnit's implementation makes full use of advanced C++ language features, including templates, abstract classes, nested classes, and the Standard Template Library (STL) It also makes extensive use of C macros, which some consider inelegant and error-prone , but are definitely useful here. CppUnit is designed to be thread-safe.

CppUnit is open source software released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. This license makes the code free for use, modification, and redistribution. For details, refer to http://www.gnu.org.

The CppUnit project is based at http://cppunit. sourceforge .net. The information given here is for CppUnit Version 1.8.0.

Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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