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NamedRegistries class
namespaces, CppUnit
naming conventions
        CppUnit test methods
        JUnit test classes
        Nester, reporting on code not unit tested
        NUnitForms extension to NUnit
        WinForms GUI toolkit
        xUnit for [See NUnit]
Newkirk, James
Node class
NodeTest class 2nd 3rd
NodeTester class 2nd
NotEqualException class
num_test_success counter
NUnit 2nd
        Ignore attribute, disabling a failing test
        Nester extension
        NUnitForms extension
        reporting on test failures, tests not run, and total number of tests
        running tests with GUI or console test runner
        test assert methods 2nd
        test class, defining with TextFixture attribute
        test fixtures
        test methods defined using Test attribute
        tests for expected error behavior
        web site
        XMLUnit extension [See XMLUnit]


Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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