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Lacoste, Jerome
        controls in GUI view object
        not testing layout code
library application (example)
        creating a book
                creating a unit test
                setting up unit test framework
        creating a library
        GUI for, test driven development of
        organization of production and test code
Library class (example)
        adding/retrieving a book and getting number of books
        basic implementation
        C# version
                changed to pass LibraryTest
                initial version
        changed to pass LibraryTest
        Hashtable used to store Books
        initial unit test for (LibraryTest)
        PyUnit version
        removeBook( ), using a plain assert
LibraryDBTest class (example)
LibraryFrame class (example)
LibraryNodeTester class (example)
LibraryPerfTest class (example)
LibraryTest class (example)
        implemented as a test fixture 2nd 3rd
        initial version (C++)
        success of, changing Library class for
        test method to cause expected error
        testAddBooks( ) and testLibrarySize( )
        TestFixtureSetUp and TestFixtureTearDown attributes
        TestRunner modified to run
LibraryTests class (example)
        as a TestSuite
        creating TestSuite
        PyUnit test fixture
        running with TextTestRunner
LibraryXMLDoc class (example)
LibraryXMLDocTest class (example)
licenses, open source software
        BSD license for XMLUnit
        Common Public License
        GNU Lesser General Public License
        public license for NUnit


Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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