My sincere thanks go out to my reviewers: Ron Jeffries, James Newkirk, Philip Plumlee, J. B. Rainsberger, Simon Robbie, and Anthony Williams. Their shared experience and advice was incredibly useful and encouraging. This book could not have been completed without their help.

This book is built on the work of software pioneers. Kent Beck is the original author of the xUnit architecture in the form of SmalltalkUnit. Ward Cunningham, Kent Beck, and Ron Jeffries are the formulators of the Extreme Programming methodology, which led to many of the test driven development practices described in this book. Erich Gamma and Kent Beck ported SmalltalkUnit to Java to create JUnit, the most widely used and extended unit test framework. Many individual developers created and contributed to the different versions of xUnit, which are classic examples of open source software, built by the collective efforts of the software development community. The fingerprints of these talented engineers are all over the material covered by this book.

Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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