The following scenarios and questions are designed to draw together the content of the chapter and to exercise your understanding of the concepts. There is not necessarily a right answer. The thought process and practice in manipulating the concepts are the goals of this section. The answers to the scenario questions are found at the end of this chapter.

Scenario 18-1

The hospital Duddleduddle needs to implement a routing policy using route maps. This is to ensure the optimum use of bandwidth. The X-ray department requires an enormous amount of bandwidth when transferring MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) images to the centralized database.

Using Figure 18-4 and given the criteria within the questions, configure the route maps on Router A.

Figure 18-4. Route Maps Example for Scenario 18-1



The hospital policy states that the FTP traffic from the X-ray department ( should be forwarded to the Biggun Server at and that it should be sent across the leased line, which is a T1 connection. What would the configuration look like?


The Telnet sessions and e-mail connections should be sent across the Frame Relay link. This traffic is from the same department ( and is connecting to the same server. What would the configuration look like?


What commands would you use to verify that the policy-based routing is configured correctly and operating normally?

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