Software Development

Python Cookbook20040596007973
Tricks of the Microsoft Office Gurus20030789733692
Enterprise Service Bus20060596006756
Customizing the Microsoft .NET Framework Common Language Runtime2005735619883
Concurrency(c) State Models & Java Programs20040470093552
Python Cookbook20050596007973
Software Estimation. Demystifying the Black Art20040735605351
Code Complete20030735619670
Software Security. Building Security In20040321356705
Jakarta Struts Cookbook2005059600771X
Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets20050131473816
Campus Network Design Fundamentals20051587052229
Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Inside Out20030735615160
Penetration Testing and Network Defense20051587052083
Design for Trustworthy Software. Tools, Techniques, and Methodology of Developing Robust Software20060131872508
Software Testing20050471081124
Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#20060131857258
Mastering the Requirements Process20060321419499
TOAD Handbook20030321649109
Maximizing Performance and Scalability with IBM WebSphere20031590591305
iMovie 6 & iDVD2006B003R4ZK42
Managing Enterprise Systems with the Windows Script Host20051893115674
Visual Studio Tools for Office(c) Using C# with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath0321334884
Mastering Delphi 72006078214201X
Ruby Cookbook00596523696
Professional Struts Applications. Building Web Sites with Struts, Object Relational Bridge, Lucene, and Velocity20031590592557
Documenting Software Architectures(c) Views and Beyond20050201703726
FileMaker Pro 8. The Missing Manual20040596005792
A+ Fast Pass2002735608547
A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design2003158053791X
Systematic Software Testing20021580535089
Developing Tablet PC Applications20031584502525
Introduction to 80x86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture20000763772232
Service-Oriented Architecture. Concepts, Technology, and Design20040131858580
Introducing Microsoft ASP. NET AJAX20040735624135
Twisted Network Programming Essentials20040596100329
Information Dashboard Design. The Effective Visual Communication of Data20040596100167
. NET System Management Services20051590590589
. NET-A Complete Development Cycle20050321168828
Python Standard Library20000596000960
Microsoft Visual Basic. Net Programmer's Cookbook2003073561931X
User Interfaces in C#(c) Windows Forms and Custom Controls20051590590457
Beginning Cryptography with Java20030764596330
Agile Project Management. Creating Innovative Products20030321658396
ADO. NET Cookbook20020596101406
Java I/O20040596527500
MySQL Stored Procedure Programming20040596100892
Software Configuration Management20060849319765
The. NET Developer's Guide to Directory Services Programming20040321350170
Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering 20010201729156
Introducing Microsoft Office InfoPath 20060735619522
Oracle Developer Forms Techniques 20050672318466
Bug Patterns in Java01590590619
SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedures Handbook20051590592875
The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book(c) A Guide for Programmers20000130204315
Voice User Interface Design 20042005321185765
Enterprise JavaBeans 2.120061590590880
MCSA. MCSE 2003 JumpStart. Computer and Network Basics2003078214277X
Apache Cookbook20060596529945
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office OneNote 200320030789731487
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