Editing Site Definitions

Once you have created your site definitions, you might need to change them. For example, you might want to change the location of the local root folder, or you may change the path on the remote server. You'll use the Site Definition dialog, but this time we'll use the Advanced tab to get things done a bit faster.

To change a site definition:

Choose Site > Manage Sites.

The Manage Sites dialog appears.

Select the site you want, then click Edit.

The Site Definition dialog appears.

If necessary, click the Advanced tab.

The dialog changes to the Advanced mode ( Figure 2.12 ).

Figure 2.12. It's faster to edit site definitions in the Advanced tab of the Site Definition dialog.

Choose the category on the left side of the dialog for the kind of change you want to make.

The right side of the dialog changes to show the options for the category you chose.

Make the changes you need to make.

Click OK.

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