Section 2.4. Summary

2.4. Summary

This chapter primarily covered the default and recommended method for installing ESX Server: the graphical installer method. This is a very good method for getting used to the requirements of an ESX Server build as well as the outcome of what a successful build should be. However, if you are building a large number of ESX Servers all on the same physical platform, you may want to script your installation method. If you are a command-line junkie, feel free to use the command-line method.

The important issue is getting a build process that you're comfortable with and are able to repeat, which produces a stable ESX Server build. Documenting this process is essential to the repeatability, even if you're scripting your installation. Once you're comfortable with your build process, we suggest repeating it until you have it down. By stepping through it numerous times, you may find certain changes or tweaks you may want to include. Document those and the reason for the change. This will prove handy later when reviewing the build document.

Building a solid ESX Server allows you stability, which is a main component of your new virtual infrastructure. Document the procedure and take the time to build it right.

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