Inserting the Time and Date

Dreamweaver includes functionality for inserting a time and date stamp. Available from the Insert menu (or the Common category in the Insert bar), the Date option opens the Insert Date dialog shown in Figure 3.29.

Figure 3.29. The Insert Date dialog allows you to insert a time and date stamp.

The Insert Date dialog allows you to choose a day format, represented by the Day format menu, a date format represented by the Date format menu, and a time format represented by the Time format menu. You can also allow Dreamweaver to automatically modify the time and/or date stamp when the document is saved. To insert a time and date stamp in our project, follow these steps:


Insert the text Welcome to Dorknozzle: just above the About Dorknozzle heading. You may need to format the text according to the modifications that you've made on the page thus far.


Place your cursor to the right of the text you just added and choose Insert, Date. The Insert Date dialog appears (refer back to Figure 3.29).


Pick a date format from the Date format list and choose OK. The date appears next to the Welcome to Dorknozzle text.


Format the text, applying a font face, size, and color so that the date matches the rest of the page.

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