Chapter 6: Completing the To Do List and Other Post-Installation Tasks

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When installation of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 is complete, you need to tweak several components to fit your unique situation. The To Do List and an assortment of helpful wizards make these chores considerably easier. This chapter covers the settings needed to make your system work properly.

After installation of Windows Small Business Server, the first thing you see when you log on is the Windows Small Business Server To Do List. If the To Do List is not displayed, select Server Management from the Start menu. In the Server Management console, click To Do List, as shown in Figure 6-1.

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Figure 6-1: The To Do List, which you can summon easily.

Security Best Practices

It’s best to tackle the items on the To Do List in the order they’re listed, and the very first is View Security Best Practices. This is not mere happenstance. Implementing and maintaining the best security practices are the most crucial tasks on a network. Click Start next to View Security Best Practices to open Security Best Practices help.

Security strategies are of three types:

  • Protecting your network against external assault in the form of hackers and malicious code.

  • Protecting against internal threats. Internal threats are more likely the result of accidents than malice, but it’s necessary to protect from both kinds.

  • Monitoring the network for security issues and keeping current on security information.

Completing the To Do List configures some of all three elements.

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