Lesson6.Building a Dynamic Slide Show

Lesson 6. Building a Dynamic Slide Show

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iPhoto, iMovie


Approximately 90 minutes


Customize slide shows in iPhoto

Learn the Ken Burns Effect

Control slide durations

Get familiar with iMovie

Bring still photos into iMovie

Add photos to a movie as either still or moving images

Adjust durations of shots in the slide show

Add dissolves and other transition effects between shots

Add music to your dynamic slide show

As you've seen, in virtually no time you can make a slide show in iPhotoit's quick and clean. But what do you get if you're willing to spend a few more minutes messing with your slides?

If you've got a little more time, you can take control of when and how each image appears on screen, producing a nuanced and professional presentation. One of the newestand significantfeatures of iPhoto is that it lets you make a dynamic slide show that, until now, was possible only with video-editing software like iMovie.

Christopher made a quick slide show for his daughter Jessica and her friends at the birthday party, which was fun and easy. But now that he's home and has a little free time over the weekend, he wants to make a more interesting slide show for Jessica's grandparents to watch. iPhoto can help him do this. In the first part of this lesson, we'll go through the advanced features of iPhotomanipulating not only collections of images, but also image timing (duration) and motion (pans and zooms).

iPhoto is so advanced that it overlaps in interesting ways with iMoviewhich starts with still images and moves into moving video. iMovie isn't just for editing video from a camcorderit can also make real videos from your iPhoto still images. So in this lesson, we'll also work with Jennifer, the business owner.Her marketing and training needs often go just beyond what iPhoto can do, so she delves into iMovie territory. This lesson will show why and when one application is more appropriate than the other.

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