What You ve Learned

What You've Learned

  • Once you've organized albums from your photos, a number of output options are available.

  • Printing one photo or an album of shots is easy using the Print command.

  • You can create hardcover or softcover books for professional printing using various predesigned themes.

  • Setting up a book requires going through the Book window page by page and selecting a design for each page. By balancing the order of images and the number of images on a page, you can customize a book quickly.

  • Assembling a slide show is a very fast project with minimal effort and great payback.

  • A slide show can display images from an album (or the Library). You can set the duration of each image; two to three seconds is probably ideal.

  • Selecting music to accompany a slide show in iPhoto is easy, since the program connects automatically to your playlists in iTunes. iPhoto can play one song or an entire iTunes playlist to accompany a slide show.

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