This book represents a vortex of some of my favorite people whirling around many of my greatest passions. Foremost, I want to thank my friends at Applein particular Patricia Montesion, Steve Guttman, and Fred Johnsonfor having a vision to enroll people in the digital lifestyle that meshes so well with my own, and for giving me the opportunity to speak directly to the people I want to reach with these media creation tools. Of course, the book was a collaboration with Peachpit Pressthanks to Nancy Ruenzel and Serena Herr for spearheading our efforts. Thank you, too, for pulling together such a sharp and supportive team: my editors, Kristin Kalning and Nancy Peterson; copy editor Emily Wolman; technical reviewers Eric Geoffroy and Tim Snell; compositor Chris Gillespie; and production coordinator Laurie Stewart. I get a chill even trying to imagine pulling off this book on our radical schedule without the team we had.

While this book reaches into the side of my brain engrossed with things digital and media, it magically embraces the other side of my brainthe Petroglyph side. Thanks to everyone at Petroglyph who tolerates my unusual projects: director of studios Richard Morse; Santa Cruz lounge manager Katy Pagni and her team, Rachel Hall and Heather Orr; our shareholders; and most importantly, all our staff and great customers whose ceramics grace these pages and whose passions I hope we captured.

A special thanks to our stars: Chris Hosmer, Fearon Hosmer, Alex Hodgson, Michelle DiBartolomeo, Tess Doud, Lihi Benisty, Steven Carrillo, and my production collaborator on so many of my videos, Lisa Strong-Aufhauser.

Finally, to my family, who encouraged me and supported the unprecedented pace of this book. Jonah and Alina, you were too young to end up in these pages, but you are the most important people in my life. And Jennifer. Do you need words here to acknowledge your contribution to this work? The cofounder of Petroglyph, the creative force of our company, the mother of our children, thank you for playing yourself in these pages and for finally accepting credit for the wonderful business we built together. This book is your book, too. You're in each line and every picture. I love you madly.

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