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Apple Training Series iLife '06
By Michael Rubin
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: April 25, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-42164-7
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-42164-7
Pages: 480

Table of Contents  | Index

   About the Authors
   Getting Started
      What iLife Does for You
      The Methodology
      A Word About the Lesson Content
      System Requirements
      Copying the iLife Lesson Files
      About the Apple Training Series
   Lesson 1.  Making a Custom CD From Your Music Collection
      Starting iTunes
      Getting Songs From CDs Into iTunes
      Change Info
      Browsing and Viewing Your Tunes
      Make Playlists
      Play a Playlist and Adjust Song Order
      Burn a Custom CD
      Using iTunes With an iPod
      Moving Playlists to Your iPod
      Playing Your iPod Music Through a Stereo
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 2.  Shooting Digital Snapshots and Putting Them in Your Mac
      Getting to Know Your Digital Camera
      Shooting Great Photographs
      Getting Familiar With iPhoto
      Importing From a Camera
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 3.  Organizing and Refining Your Photos
      Preparing for the Lesson
      Organizing Your Photos Into Albums
      Reordering Shots
      Adding Comments, Keywords, and Ratings to Images
      Creating Smart Albums
      Cropping Photos
      Adjusting the Look of Images
      Organizing Your Sources Into Folders
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 4.  Printing and Sharing Your Photos
      Preparing to Share
      Printing Paper Images
      Making a Bound Book
      Making a Quick Slideshow
      Exploring Other Sharing Options
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 5.  Building a Dynamic Slideshow
      Customizing Your Slideshow
      Making Slideshows With iMovie
      Exploring iMovie
      Accessing and Using Photographs From iPhoto
      Creating Titles
      Applying Transition Effects
      Making Simple Adjustments to a Dynamic Slideshow
      Adding Music From iTunes
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 6.  Making a Time-Lapse Video
      Preparing to Shoot
      Finding a Project
      Setting Up the Camera
      Shaping the Raw Material
      Making Your First Cut
      Using Your iSight Camera Instead of a Tripod
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 7.  Shooting and Assembling a Very Simple Movie
      A New Way to Think About Video
      Organizing Your Video
      Getting to Know Your Digital Camcorder
      Shooting Video
      Getting Video Into iMovie
      Getting the Right Shots
      Getting Shots With Relationships
      What Editing Does to Video
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 8.  Adding Narration to Your Dynamic Slideshow
      Using Your Camcorder as a Microphone
      Using Audio in iMovie
      Adding Narration While You're Working in iMovie
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 9.  Shooting With Hollywood-Style Techniques for Better Videos
      How to Approach Shooting a Video
      Getting Coverage in Your Scene
      Looking for Story Structure
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 10.  Editing and Finishing a Professional-Looking Movie
      Editing Material From the Camcorder
      Editing a Dialogue Scene
      Adding Finishing Touches to the Video
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 11.  Creating Unique Music for Your Projects
      Creating New Music
      Mixing Your Music
      Adjusting Your Time Scale and Working With Real Time
      Importing Your Movie
      Combining Loops to Vary Your Songs
      Getting Your Music Into iTunes
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 12.  Producing Your First Podcast
      Making a Podcast
      Publishing Your Podcast
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 13.  Building a Web Page for Your New Media
      Getting Still Photos From Your Video
      Putting Digital Files Into iPhoto
      Creating a Web Site With iWeb
      Lesson Review
   Lesson 14.  Burning DVDs of Your Videos and Slideshows
      Getting to Know a DVD
      Getting an iMovie Movie Ready to Burn
      Building a DVD of Your Movies
      Previewing Your DVD
      Burning a DVD
      Lesson Review
   Publishing and Giving Your Presentation (iWork Bonus Lesson)

Apple Training Series iLife '06
Apple Training Series: iLife 06
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