Previewing Your DVD

All this work preparing the DVD is pretty easy, but it's important to be able to test out the user's experience. Since the disc doesn't really exist yet (the work you've done to create menus for videos and slideshows are not yet burned to disc), you can't try it out in a DVD player. The alternative is to preview the disc's content.

The Preview button at the bottom of the screen lets you do exactly that.


Click the Preview button.

The iDVD interface disappears, and a new window opens up where you can experience the disc exactly the way you will when it's burned. Preview button

An onscreen DVD remote control pops up, which you can use to play, stop, and test the chapters and other attributes of your disc's navigation. Of course, you can also just watch the disc's videos.


To end the preview, click the red button in the top-left corner of the preview window.

iDVD returns.


Continue this back-and-forth of building and previewing until the disc feels ready.

When you're happy with the look of the preview, it's time to burn your DVD.

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