VII. Bibliography

The following books were key points of inspiration for the setting and world of Atomic Sam . Those working on the game will find researching these books to be quite useful in getting a feel for what a retro-futuristic setting is all about.

Corn, Joseph J. and Brian Horrigan. Yesterday s Tomorrows . Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1984.

A great historical treatment of the various visions of the future from the past century, including many invaluable photos and documents.

Moore, Alan and Chris Sprouse. Tom Strong . La Jolla, CA: America s Best Comics, 1999.

Moore and Sprouse s brilliant comic book Tom Strong is set in the clean and friendly world of the twenty-first century, following the adventures of science hero Tom Strong.

Motter, Dean and Michael Lark. Terminal City . New York: DC Comics, 1996.

Motter and Lark s future as seen in Terminal City is a bit bleaker and darker than Tom Strong , but with the same sort of retarded technological development. Both Tom Strong and Terminal City include brilliant visual design and amazing environments, perfect for a video game such as Atomic Sam .

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