Part III: Outfoxing Hackers

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Chapter 14: Clearing Your Tracks
Chapter 15: Staying Safe Online

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Here's a scary thought: Every time you access the Internet, you expose yourself to millions of potential hackers. Here's a scarier thought: Most of them are 12 years old! Just think what they'll be able to do when they're older. What's a person to do?

This part outlines what you need to know and do to stay safe online, as well as how to secure personal information like browsing history from prying eyes. But Firefox wouldn't be much of a browser if it left you to fend for yourself, so I also tell you about the steps Firefox takes to protect you. Those 12-year-old twerps don't stand a chance.

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Firefox For Dummies
Firefox For Dummies
ISBN: 0471748994
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 157
Authors: Blake Ross

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