Lab 10.1 Self-Review Questions

In order to test your progress, you should be able to answer the following questions.


An exception defined in the inner block can be raised in

  1. _____ both inner and outer blocks.

  2. _____ the outer block only.

  3. _____ the inner block only.


If an exception has been raised in the inner block and has been handled in the outer block, control is transferred back to inner block for further execution of the script.

  1. _____ True

  2. _____ False


If an exception has been raised in the outer block, and its handler is defined in the inner block, which of the following will occur?

  1. _____ Control will be passed to the inner block to handle the raised exception.

  2. _____ The script will terminate due to an exception that is not handled.


An exception defined inside the body of the loop

  1. _____ terminates this loop after it has been raised.

  2. _____ allows the loop to proceed with next iteration.

  3. _____ causes an error.


A WHEN clause of the exception-handling section of a PL/SQL block can reference a single exception only.

  1. _____ True

  2. _____ False

Answers appear in Appendix A, Section 10.1 .

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