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Allows the viewing of files and the output of other commands one screen at a time. This command is commonly used to view long files. When the window is full, you will get the MORE prompt. There are several options for how you want to view the remaining output.


To use MORE by itself, navigate to the folder that contains the files you want to view, type MORE followed by any desired switches, and then the path to the file. If you want to view multiple files, you can enter all the filenames separated by space characters. You can even view files in different folders by entering the full path for each. For example, to view files in 2000 or XP in the root folder of the C: drive, My Documents, and in a folder on a CD-ROM, clearing the screen before displaying the next page, navigate to My Documents, and type:

MORE /c test1.txt C:\test2.txt D:\"text files"\test3.txt

This will display one screen of test1.txt and allow you to view the remainder of the file using commands that will be described later. Once the entire test1 file has been displayed, test2 will be displayed, followed by test3.

To use MORE with another command, type the command followed by any desired switches for the command, a space, the pipe character (|) (see the note at the end of this listing), MORE, any desired switches pertaining to the MORE command, and then the path to the file or files you want to view. For example, to use the MEM /P command with MORE, clearing the screen after each page, type:

MEM /p | MORE /c


/c: Clears each screen before you use a command to view the next screen.

/s: Reduces a series of blank lines to a single blank line.

Responses to the — More — Prompt

<spacebar>: Displays next page.

<Enter>: Displays next line.

<F>: Skips to next file.

<Q>: Quits.

<?>: Displays available responses to — More – prompt.

<=>: Displays line number.

<P> followed by a space and a number: Displays the specified number of lines.

<S> followed by a space and a number: Skips the specified number of lines


  • To type the pipe character, hold <Shift> and press the backslash (\) key.

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