I have tried to write a book that covers all HP-UX system and networking administration concepts. The book is divided into three parts . The first part consists of Chapters 111. It covers general UNIX concepts, user commands, and shell programming. The second part of the book covers HP-UX system administration and consists of Chapters 1225. The third part consists of Chapters 2636 and is dedicated to computer networking concepts and HP-UX network administration tasks . The book is divided into these three parts according to requirements of the HP-UX certification examination. This is also quite a logical way to present the material to a UNIX system administrator. At the end of each chapter, you will find chapter review questions to check your understanding of the material presented in the chapter. There are some sample test questions under "Test Your Knowledge," which will provide you an idea of which type of questions are going to be asked in the actual exam. I have tried to use a combination of simple and difficult questions in this part. Answers to the review questions are provided in Appendix A, and answers to the sample test questions are available in Appendix B.

While writing this book, I have tried to explain all system administration concepts in reasonable detail. Many examples are presented in each section of a chapter to help the user understand what happens when a particular command is executed. Commonly used command-line switches are also listed wherever appropriate. You will also find many screen shots showing what happens when you select a menu or press a button in the GUI windows . I have also tried to explain each system and network administration task using both command-line utilities and System Administration Manager (SAM). Most "old-fashioned" people would like to carry out many tasks using the command-line interface, which is also very important for passing the HP-UX certification examination.

The book is organized such that it progresses from simple-to-understand concepts to more-difficult and complicated ones. The same strategy is also implemented in each chapter. Figures, tables, and examples are presented wherever helpful to communicate the concept. The first few chapters contain more examples than the later ones to give a user a good start.

Another consideration in the organization of the book is logical relevance and order of the chapters. If an idea or concept depends on another concept, it is placed later in the book.

This book is intended to be the most comprehensive book on HP-UX. It not only covers the HP-UX certification exam, but it also serves as a reference book for even the most experienced HP-UX system administrators. The first part is designed with the most basic concepts so that anybody who is new to HP-UX can get the full benefit. The next two parts cover more-complicated system and network administration tasks. Both novice and experienced users will find interesting things here.


HP Certified
HP Certified: HP-UX System Administration
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