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As Web development changes, so do the security precautions necessary to protect against attack. The rules presented here should be considered best practices and are not a replacement for programming experience. For more information on secure Web development, you may want to read through the following online resources:

  • "Best Practices for Secure Web Development," Razvan Peteanu,

  • "The World Wide Web Security FAQ,"

  • "Secure CGI/API Programming," Simson Garfinkel and Gene Spafford,

  • "Writing Secure CGI Scripts,"

  • "Hacking the Web: A Security Guide," Anne Bilodeau,

  • "Web of Security," Paul Stone,

  • "CGI Security Compilation,"

  • "CGI Security: Avoiding Common Pitfalls,"

  • "Safe CGI Programming," Paul Phillips,

  • "Is Your Web Server Secure?" Wallace Keith Gardner,


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