Firewall Resources


The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the reader to firewalls and the built-in Mac OS X tools. Because firewall configuration varies from network to network, your ruleset may require only a handful of entries, whereas another may encompass hundreds. Additional information on firewalls and building firewall rulesets can be found in the following resources:

  • "BSD Firewalls: IPFW," O'Reilly,

  • "BSD Firewalls: IPFW Rulesets," O'Reilly,

  • "IPFW Logging," O'Reilly,

  • "Setting Up Firewall Rules on Mac OS X 10.2," D. Cote,

  • Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls , Wes Sonnenreich and Tom Yates, ISBN 0471353663.

  • "Protecting Your Private Network Using FreeBSD," Peter Brezny,

  • "IPFW How To,"

  • "Security," FreeBSD Handbook , Gary Palmer and Alex Nash,


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