Chapter 14. Installing Your Own Software

Chapter Contents

  • Understanding Unix software installation

  • Finding Unix software

  • Downloading, placing, and uncompressing software

  • Configuring software

  • Compiling and installing software

If you use Unix long enough, you'll eventually want or need to install new software. Installing software could mean just installing a shell script that you get from a friend, or it could mean compiling and installing a full-fledged program that you download from the Internet.

In this chapter, we'll explore the process for installing software on Unix systems. Work through each section in the order provided, and keep in mind that

  • The process for installing Unix software is a bit more complicated than doing the same on Windows or Macintosh systems.

  • The example we use here will probably differ slightly from the exact process you'll need to use for the programs or scripts you choose for your system.

  • You should probably check with your system administrator for specifics on what you can and cannot install on the system. Many ISPs will let you install what you want, but others may have specific restrictions or even make it impossible to compile software in your account.

  • Installing software if you do not have system administrator (root) access on your system is much more difficult.

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